Maison Alexandre Gauvin, Burgundy High Creation

Alexandre Gauvin is a prestigious vintner who produces and sells great Burgundy wines. We like to say that we tailor-make them amidst the best Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits Climats.


Our winery

We are extremely lucky to have sublime terroirs and our philosophy is to show them great respect.

All different, they each have their own character which is the secret of Burgundy wines. Grape varieties, soil types, exposure, altitudes, vintages and climatic events all guide our choices on a daily basis. We adapt our methods to each terroir so that each one of our wines expresses its ultimate potential.

This is what we humbly call Burgundy High Creation.

Maintain natural balance

The vineyard is a living organism which includes great biodiversity. This is why all of our wines come from vines which are cultivated as healthily as possible. We endeavour to make these vines reveal the identity of their terroirs.

We have a low-intervention approach. Our very strict specifications guarantee the respect of the vines as well as human beings throughout the seasons.

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Unravel the mysteries of our terroirs

We work hard so that each of our wines has the necessary setting and care for its full expression.

In the heart of traditional Burgundy, we have chosen to build an avant-garde infrastructure which provides the conditions for flawless quality control. Great attention is paid so that the wines develop and amplify their original qualities. Discovering the potential of each vine, unravelling the mysteries of each grape, and guaranteeing the authenticity of each wine – so many challenges that occupy us every day and which make the Maison Alexandre Gauvin a unique place.


Share our emotions

Each of our wines has its own personality, its own character. Each is the result of a passionate and committed effort. Each tells its own story, that of a subtle symphony of nuances of the terroirs which produced it.

A harmony of balance, aromas and flavours which have been hidden up to now and which reveal themselves suddenly and are an invitation to share. Sharing emotions, a meeting, an experience… This idea of sharing is the heart of our philosophy. It motivates the production of our great wines and guides our choices on a day to day basis.

Burgundy makes us so proud. The Maison Alexandre Gauvain wants to be its best ambassador. With our expertise, we also propose a selection of very fine wines from other regions. Under our label, these wines fully subscribe to the Alexandre Gauvain philosophy.